Name: Jason Blade     DOB: 12/19/78     Hometown: Detroit Rock City



By T.W. Smith

            When I was first approached to interview the leaders of the Drunk ‘N’ Lizards I was a unsure of what I was going to find out.  Being that I had not heard much of this local up in coming band I decided to avoid the buzz and go right to the source.  My first stop was a chat with Drunk ‘N’ Lizards lead guitarist Jason Blade.

            At 6’1” with dirty blonde hair down to the middle of his back Jason Blade is an intimidating dude at first glance but when I drop in on one of the recording sections for the Drunk ‘N’ Lizards upcoming studio album, his laid back “NO WORRIES” attitude put me right at easy.  Jason Blade has playing guitar for the past ten years.  His first guitar, a beat up Randy Rhoads knock off with a home made paint job and a busted E string rests in the corner of the studio to remind him on how far he’s come.  As his skills have grown so has his collection of guitars, but not to stray to far from his roots he now can be seen wielding a signature Jackson Rhoads V or one of his many favorite Les Pauls which he is constantly tweaking to get “ just the right vibe”.

            While the Drunk ‘N’ Lizards is not Jason Blade’s first band (previous bands include Swallowing Hole and the Lint Trappers) it is one of the first that he’s been so involved in the creative process.  Jason Blade and Timmy Talon create and control nearly every aspect of Drunk ‘N’ Lizards sound.  As a true musician Jason loves any type of music that he can add some blues funk or a wailing solo to.  Although dedicated to the success of DNL he is always up for dipping his pick into other endeavors such as something with more of a metal edge or something strictly instrumental.  “The Drunk ‘N’ Lizards are a great party band and for now that where I want to be but I don’t want to ditch all other possibilities” claims Blade.  Listening to him work on the guitar solo for DNL’s next single Leaving You I think he’ll have no problem incorporating he’s varying interests into giving DNL a unique kick ass sound.

            As both a full time musician and a full time partier a good couple bottles of vodka, tequila and a stocked fridge of Coors Light are never to far out of reach “ the silver bullet never lets you down it always good for a great buzz………and is useful if you ever need to kill any werewolves” laughs Blade.  When I asked if the drinking got in the way of recording Jason responded with “ with a name like the Drunk ‘N’ Lizards I think some of our best secessions have come from or should I say after the inspiration of our good friend Jose or on a real good night from a place called Cabo Wabo”.  “Although some of those great sessions have sounded F*CKED up the next morning they ‘re a hell of a lot of fun”, jokes Blade.  As a fan of hard rock and fast cars Blade is a huge fan of hard, fast woman. He has been known to charm the pants off his share of ladies that have toured with him in the past and says, with a shit eating grin that he’s “looking forward to getting DNL on the road ASAP”.    

            As I packed up to leave I felt that I really go into the head of this integral member of the Drunk ‘N’ Lizards. As I left the sound of the power cord resonating through my body I had the definite feeling that I and the rest of the world was going to hear great things from this band.